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This is what I have come to understand about the body.

  1. Energy is the prize, not being skinny, not fitting into certain clothes. The entire aim of being healthy is to generate enough energy to create things, to build loving relationships, to experience new places, to enable you to experience life at the edge.
  2. The body is a system, this means things need to go in and things need to come out. There is nothing gross or disgusting about this.
  3. We are inescapably animals, anyone who tries to think otherwise or separate themselves from the basic animalistic nature of our bodies is deluded.
  4. The body was born to be perfect, whole and complete – this means you do not screw around with your body by cutting things out or extracting things like teeth except as an absolute, absolute last resort.
  5. Obesity or fat loss is not correlated to will power or self discipline, self-discipline is useful for many, many things but it is nothing compared to clarity of purpose,  educating yourself on how the body processes and uses food, combined with deliberate habit building.
  6. The results of a study are irrelevant in that the only thing I care about is if I apply the hypothesis to myself, will I get better or worse is the only result that matters.
  7. Everybody is only responsible for themselves and their dependants. This means the information I share is is only as useful to you as your willingness to change, and to try new things. I am also not responsible if you try things and they do not work for you or they screw you up. Read everything critically, not trustingly.
  8. Some doctors are right, some doctors are wrong, all doctors make mistakes. All treatments and medication provided should be analysed critically and researched thoroughly by yourself including the upsides and the downsides.
  9. If your doctor or any other medical professional is arrogant, you should run. Run far, run fast.
  10. If you live long enough and retain enough health you will try enough things that you will eventually succeed. The only thing you can run out of is time and health, treasure both.

From these principles I want to explore the following:

  1. Diagnosis – the perfect picture of health
  2. Statistics – the smartest liars lie through numbers
  3. Detoxification
  4. Nutrients
  5. Health concepts
  6. Maintaining a stable weight
  7. Success stories from Real Human Beings
  8. Interviews with Real Human Beings

The human body and the human brain are magnificently designed to function, we are made to feel great, have boat loads of energy, to feel positive and to experience and radiate joy. If nothing, absolutely nothing is working for you, start by working on your health. This website is the sum of everything I wish I had known since I was 15 and first started experimenting with my health, starting with the desire to ‘be skinny’.

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